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Photolysis Devices - dsDNA Staining Dye Photo-Activators

Propidium Monoazide photo-activation using the PD48 or PD80

The PD48 (48 Tube) and PD80 (80 Tube) Photolysis Devices have been designed and manufactured in South Africa for the photo-activation of propidium monoazide (PMA) dye and are currently being used in a research project within the Department of Plant Pathology at Stellenbosch University. The PD48 and PD80 Photolysis devices can accommodate 1.5-ml tubes, have highly specialised LED light sources and are equipped with a timer and cooling fan to allow for sample irradiation at a specific wavelength, intensity and duration in a controlled environment. 

During light exposure, DNA within dead/membrane compromised cells as well as environmental DNA becomes bound to PMA dye molecules. DNA within healthy cells does not bind PMA molecules due to the membranes impermeability of the dye. PCR of the PMA bound DNA is inhibited while unbound DNA from live cells can still undergo PCR (Fig. 1). In this way differences between live and dead cells can be visualized. Additionally, qPCR, flow cytometry and fluorescence Microscopy can also be used to visualize the differences between live and dead cells stained with PMA.

Figure 1: PMA Light Activation (Biotium.com)

Product Features:

  • 0 - 60 Minute Timer
  • Cooling Fan and external 12VDC Power Supply
  • Heat Sink mounted LEDs - ISO9001:2008
  • 120 Degree illumination angle
  • 48 or 80 1.5 - 2 ml tubes
  • Built in eye protection against intense light
  • RoHS & CE Compliant
  • Grade 304 Stainless Steel Top 

Typical application:Pathogen detection related to;

  • Food and Water Safety
  • Plant Disease
  • Medical Diagnosis
  • Biodefense


PD 80 With Eye Protection and Cooling Fan

Specialised LED array

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